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Hey folks, with a multitude of timeshare resale, listing, rental, legal and management companies all vying for your business with enticing offers and promises, it has become extremely confusing for the property or club owner to know whom to do business with, least of all what is the right approach to selling or transferring a timeshare. We firmly believe in simplicity, effectiveness and transparency. We are not a listing, resale, or marketing company. Our specialty is the acquisition and transfer of select timeshares that become global wholesale travel inventory, this in turn maximizes their intrinsic value in the non-timeshare travel market. 

Transfer Services

Give us a call and find out how simple it is to sell or transfer your property or travel club. If you have grown tired of increasing maintenance fees, availability issues or simply have outgrown its usage. Let us show you a logical and simple solution for moving on from the responsibility and liability that comes with ownership.

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About Us

The Trade In Trade Up team is comprised by a variety of people with diverse backgrounds in timeshare sales and marketing, as well as call center operations, travel agencies, real estate, escrow, legal, accounting, business administration, information technology, and customer service. Many of us on the staff, are timeshare owners just like our clients. This allows us to have a keen perspective with regards to the industry from a user's standpoint. We understand the joy of owning, as well as the challenges that can arise when one wishes to part with their ownership in a sensible manner. Many companies Today only do business electronically which can present a challenge and concern for some. We believe in transparency and that at our clients should know who they are doing business with. We encourage our clients to meet with us face to face whenever possible. This transparency sets us apart from many other companies, we invite you to contact us and set up an appointment at our office of business or we can arrange a face to face meet via video conferencing to get acquainted and discuss your own particular situation and needs to determine what is the best course of action to follow.  


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