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Working Alliances

Our business partnerships with resorts around the globe provide real time solutions for developers, vacation clubs and timeshare owners by providing a simple and efficient timeshare equity valuation and transfer service. Developers are able to provide their guests an alternative with regards to their current ownership by offering an equity valuation that may be instantly applied to a purchase at a new resort or vacation club. Trade In Trade Up provides the equity valuation and handles the complete transfer of any existing property or club. This gives the developer and the new client the peace of mind that these transfers are handled in a professional and expedient manner.    

New Client Acquisitions

New clients continually come to us to see what makes us different from the other companies that are out there. Clients can expect from the onset of the initial contact to be treated in a courteous, clear and professional manner. We take the role of consultants, rather than a salespeople, we stay focused on client's needs at all times. We have no sales quotas to meet, our agenda remains to service all of our clientele in the best possible way. Our goal is to give you the best service and advice for your current situation. We will make a determination then present a solution and a set of alternatives, so that our clients can choose the best option for their particular situation.

Where Does It All Go

Key Questions

We are constantly asked what we do with the inventory we take in? its really no secret, the properties or clubs we take possession of become inventory that is broken down to retail or wholesale travel weeks. We market those weeks in the form of travel packages around the world through various travel marketing channels. We have mastered this process down to a science and have set up specific criteria for the type of inventory that is well suited for this business purpose.

More Than Just Transfers

Trade In Trade Up is not just a transfer services company, we offer some of the best travel related programs on the market. Our travel alliances with hotels, resorts, cruise lines, golf destinations, airlines and tour operators allow us to take advantage of some of the best pricing in the travel industry. We maintain exclusive partnerships with several wholesale partners around the globe. 

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