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Have You Outgrown Your Timeshare?

It really comes down to use versus ongoing cost, many owners have multiple properties and clubs that have high annual maintenance fee costs. Are you still getting the intended use out of your timeshares? Are the fees continually going up year after year? Are you using all of the weeks or points you currently have? Has the cost of keeping them become an issue? These are some of the questions you must answer. We have solutions for most owners, we specialize in the acquisition and transfer of timeshares and vacation clubs globally. If you are looking for relief from your timeshare or vacation club obligation, give us a call so we can discuss a transfer strategy.  

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The Getting Rid Of A Timeshare Quagmire

As timeshare owners, we are inundated with sale offers of all shapes and sizes via email, telephone, or anyway possible in order to entice us in to believing that they are going to sell our timeshare for the same or more than what we paid for it. Many sales pitches sound beautiful and at times convincing enough to fall for it.  At "Trade In Trade Up" we believe in transparency. So no, we are not going to tell you what you want to hear to collect a fee from you. We are going to tell you straight up, what we do and what we don't do. You then make an informed decision on whether move forward with our proposal or not, its that simple.

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Why We Do What We Do

We started this business model in 2011 mostly out of necessity. As owners of timeshare we needed a service company that would help us understand the process of selling and transferring a timeshare or vacation club in a simple straight forward manner. We searched and searched for a company that would do just that to no avail. It seemed almost impossible to comprehend what they were offering to do, how it worked and what assurances we had that it would work as they said. There had to be a better way! If "buying the darn thing was so simple, why is getting rid of it so difficult" was the million dollar question over and over. So, we partnered up with some real successful timeshare minds to help us gain insight as to how the whole process works. We now use and share this expertise with all of our clients. 

What It Is And What It Isn't

Timeshare owners are so very often led to believe  that they're making an investment in an asset that will appreciate in value over time. The reason to buy any timeshare or vacation club, is to enjoy nice quality vacations at greater value than standard hotels. The yearly savings should justify the initial cost of buying over time (break-even point). Rarely will you see a timeshare sell for original price or above it. When owners believe that to be true, its normally when the trouble and disappointment begins. We urge owners to be realistic and understand that a timeshare or vacation club is a use and enjoyment product, not an appreciating asset in their portfolio. Use it, enjoy it and if you are done with it, unload it.

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The Perpetual Cost Of Ownership Over Time

Deciding to buy a timeshare or vacation club, whether deeded or points ownership can be a major investment in our lives. It's not just the purchase price which currently average around $19,000 USD for one week at a nice resort. There are yearly maintenance dues, which, for the most part are a mandatory annual cost that increases between 2% to 7% annually. Now, you should be getting high value for your investment as far as quality of accommodations and destinations. So the idea is to maximize your use and enjoyment for a period of time until the cost to value ratio no longer makes sense. Timeshare is a great product as long as it is purchased for the proper reasons and without the expectation of monetary gain. There are many formulas that forecast the total cost of ownership for timeshares. Stay informed so you always know where you stand, most of all, know when to let go.